MMy Life Is About To Change- and no, that’s not a typo!

Thanks to a few recent sessions, I can now afford to buy my way into “The Club”. You know, the “Oh, what lens do YOU use?” Club. Before I would always mumble something about how I had to go water my tennis shoes to avoid answering this embarrassing question, rather than admit that i was still stuck with my kit lens & only a 50mm & tele 70-300mm as backup. Don’t get me wrong, the lens doesn’t make the photo, but boy did I want to have a lens that didn’t hold me back! Both in the photog social world and in my work. I ROCKED that 18-55mm as long as I possibly could because I’m cheap, but with ever-increasing demands for my work, and new clients on the horizen, I wanted to rock something worthy of my talents. On Wednesday, my newest addition to the collection will be a Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM.


It’s big and beautiful, and just what I need to capture sharp bokehlicious images without my arms falling off from the weight. Gone will be the days of correcting gross distortion for EVERY single close-up image (that kit lens really makes people look weird). I’m certain there will be a honeymoon phase where every image out of this lens will feel golden and shiny with unicorns prancing across the fields and glitter raining from the heavens, but ultimately I will come crashing back to reality with the realization that I will now have to work harder to be as good as my lens, and no longer be able to blame my inadequacies on my crappy equipment. Then I will be on to my next pursuit of happiness- the 24-70mm f/2.8 (and I WILL wallow in self-pity until I own it).


So, I guess the lesson here, is that I am NOT only as good as my lens (I’m talking to YOU, Nikon facebook PR guy!), but my lens is only as good as I make it.  Case in point:



Tomorrow can’t come fast enough!!

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