Huckleberry Finn

As much as we photographers are a jealous secretive bunch that like to keep the “good stuff” to ourselves, I really like sharing and being part of the wider photography community that can learn from each other. Even when they are your competition.


It was so exciting to be shooting the same subjects and come up with such very different results. I favor crisp still shots of live subject matter while she leans toward the hazy fairytale dream quality. Both of us got some fantastic shots of our cute little ones, and learned something in the process.


The green-eyed monster comes out once in awhile when I get to look at other photographers’ equipment, but I like to keep in mind another photog friend’s advice: It isn’t the oven we thank for the delicious dinner, it’s the cook. or as she puts it: “Good dinner, not good stove!”  So I must learn to live within my means and use the tools I have to continue learning what I can, and when the time is right, I know exactly what I want buy for my camera bag to “Level Up” in the world of photography.


Things I eventually want include: Lensbaby, 18-70mm lens, fill flash, A gorgeous house with bay windows in every direction and a huge field out back with ponies romping around. Possibly unicorns, if i can find them:)


If you havn’t checked Lottieberrie’s blog in awhile here is a link to our session with baby “m” & “l”:

Lottieberry Photography: -Huckleberry Finn-

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